If you know your way around the kitchen or at least have seen some TV shows with cooking and chefs then you know they all use wooden spoons in the kitchen. And they do that not for keeping the tradition alive but because iron spoons get hot really quickly and they will burn your mouth when you want to taste the food you are cooking. An also my impression is that wooden spoons keep the flavour of the food. Oh, yes, and they have longer tails. Any way, they are frequently used in the kitchen all over the world, so why not have a funny one instead of a totally boring regular wooden spoon? This Cat Tail Spoon is anything but regular and boring.

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It is a wooden spoon with a very long tail, but the tail looks just like a cat tail. It has black stripes from place to place which look great against the brownish background. This makes the similarity amazing. Do not be afraid to dip it in the food because it is not dyed with chemicals, but it is “burnt”, that is the stripes are made by using thermal treatment. You can order this item online for $30.