Casual Spongy sofa by Stone Design

The name of this sofa suits it very well. It instantly lets us know it’s a highly soft, cozy and comfortable piece of furniture and it also transmits a state of playfulness. With a name like this, you wouldn’t expect the sofa to be formal. It’s the type of sofa that adds color and texture to a home and that impresses with this casual and cheerful design.

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The Spongy sofa was designed by Stone Design for RS. It’s a part of the Spongy Collection that also includes a matching armchair with footstool. Both pieces come in a variety of vibrant and dynamic colors with shade variations for the frame and the cushions. The cushions are always less bold than the frame, in terms of color. The first thing anyone notices about this sofa, besides the colors of course, is the contrast between the cushions and the frame. The steel structure is very sleek and slender and it’s the opposite of the puffy cushions.

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Both the sofa and the armchair are very comfortable pieces of furniture and their friendly design makes them suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. They are modern but don’t have any specific details that would include them in a certain category and this is why they are versatile pieces, easy to integrate in a variety of decors. They have internal structures made of cross-ply and steel coated in polyester paint. The legs are satinized steel.