Casual Ski Retreat Featuring A Fun And Personal Design

The Tahoe retreat is a project developed by Antonio Martins Interior Design for a bachelor client. Led by architect Antonio Martins, the firm follows his eclectic approach and infuses all residential projects with a mix of antiques, modern artwork and contemporary furniture.

Tahoe ski retreat main social areaView in gallery

The same interesting combination of styles can be seen here, where the architect created a fun and inviting retreat meant to feel everyone welcomed. The house has a very casual look throughout. The living area is defined by a cold-rolled steel fireplace that occupies the end portion of a wall, going all the way up to the ceiling.

Tahoe ski retreat living room fireplaceView in gallery

Adjacent to the fireplace is a large wood storage area that covers the upper portion of the wall, featuring the media center below. The stacked wood adds texture and warmth to the room while also having a role similar to that of a large sculpture or piece of art.

Tahoe ski retreat living room sectionalView in gallery

A leather sectional and a pair of swivel chairs with quirky designs by Tim Weldon add a little bit of the 1960s charm to the décor. Additional seating comes in the form of comfortable chairs with the same type of vintage beauty infused in their design.

Tahoe ski retreat kitchen islandView in gallery

The kitchen and the dining area form a single space and share similar interior designs and decors. A 7 foot table with a square top made of recycled wood occupies a large section of the room. Classic black leather armchairs are placed around it and, in total, 16 guests can enjoy this area.

Tahoe ski retreat dining tableView in gallery

The kitchen features a large island that also functions as a bar. Four bar stools resembling huge metal springs keep the industrial influence alive. The chandelier hanging above the dining table has a similar role.

Tahoe ski retreat reclaimed wood furnitureView in gallery

Reclaimed wood is a primary material used in the interior design of the retreat. It can be seen in all the rooms and in a variety of forms, including a lot of custom furniture,

Tahoe ski retreat burlap bedroomView in gallery

This beautiful ski retreat has a total of five bedrooms and each of them has its own character and charm as well as a suggestive name. The burlap bedroom has burlap-covered walls and is situated on the attic. It feels really cozy and the views from up here are wonderful.

Tahoe ski retreat log bedroomView in gallery

The log bedroom has a really cozy interior. It features a platform bed and log-patterned wallpaper on one of the walls.

Tahoe ski retreat gray bedroomView in gallery

In the gray bedroom the main color is, as you can guess, gray. Both the floor and the walls embrace this shade and use it to create a relaxing ambiance together with a wood-paneled accent wall.

Tahoe ski retreat antler bedroomView in gallery

The antler bedroom is a bright and airy room with decorative antlers mounted on the wall above the bed. Built-in shelving and wall-mounted sconces frame the bed which has a rugged design that matches the rest of the interior design.

Tahoe ski retreat hanging chair master bedroomView in gallery

The master bedroom offers panoramic views of the mountains and features, besides the basics, a circular metal hanging chair mounted to the ceiling, in front of the window.

Tahoe ski retreat master bathroom hotel signView in gallery

A “hotel” sign that lights up add a bit of color to the en-suite bathroom and adds a bit of rustic character to the décor. The industrial storage unit contrasts with the clean and fresh space but doesn;t feel out of place.