Castello di Scerpena-a luxury medieval castle in Tuscany

Castles have always reminded me of stories of adventures with princesses and brave knights. They make you enter this magic world of fairy-tales where the good tries to win its battle with the evil. Castles create also a romantic atmosphere for a love story and seems to be the perfect place for a romance. Those of you who are interested in such a place will be definitely attracted by the following offer.

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Castello di Scerpena, a medieval castle located in Tuscany, Italy is for sale for € 16, 500, 00.It is a luxury property, situated on a hill which offers great views of the country side surroundings. Its origins go back to 12th century and although it is a restored place here you can still see antique furnishings, vaulted ceilings and frescoed bedrooms. The property consists of five bedrooms, a garden, a park and a swimming pool. There are also added a three bedroom villa with its own swimming pool, a four bedroom villa with spa, 190 Ha of land with 7,000 olive trees, a deer park and two bedroom guardian cottage.

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This medieval stone castle tries to keep the same interior design of an old medieval castle although some modern details may appear. In front of an old fireplace there is a vintage checkered table accompanied by some white modern sofas with some checkered white and black cushions. The same checkered pattern is used for the long dinner table where the tall metal chairs try to imitate the design of the old medieval and imposing chairs that usually appear at such tables.