Casta Diva Resort Near To Milan

Casta Diva Resort can be found in the middle of a charming natural landscape, against Lake Como. Once you see it, you have the impression of finding yourself in a place in which only aristocrats would be received to admire the fairy-tale landscapes. But we are not in the 18 th century anymore so, if you want to see one of the most  beautiful renovated buildings or if you search for a romantic Italian get away, the doors of the hotel open for you.

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You have the chance to see a dream world, relax admiring the beauty of the landscape and enjoying the  neo-traditional interior design elements. A modern spa is always there to make you feel great; every little corner of this world is inspiring, starting from the simple but ideal view, the colorful furniture pieces which make you think about history, each of all these seems to say something different, to add details to the already-existing story, as if everything testifies…the view is spectacular and creates a romantic atmosphere for the travelers who enter this world.

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The perfect combination of colors give life to the place and cheer the entire environment, as if the interior design elements want to compete with the enchanting scenery from outside.To know that Casta Diva Resort feature 75 rooms, 2 restaurants, 4 meeting rooms and a 1.300 sqm SPA  surrounded by an clean park.