Cassius DeLuxe Excess Sofa Bed Lounger by Innovation

The moment you decide to choose a piece of furniture it is better to see first your budget. The difference between a cheap and an expensive item relies into quality and comfort. The cheaper is the product the worse is its quality. A few years ago I bought a sofa. It was not too cheap but not too expensive either. In three years it has deteriorated itself so that now it is hard to sit or sleep on it. Perhaps it was better to wait a little bit longer until we had more money so that we could afford something better.

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If you are interested in a sofa too, Cassius DeLuxe Excess Sofa Bed Lounger is a great option. It is modern, comfortable and offers you everything you need in terms of relaxation, sleeping moments and high quality piece of furniture.Innovation, a Danish company which has a long history in designing sleeper sofas has also designed this super comfortable sofa bed lounger. You may use it for your bedroom or even living room.

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Some of its important features will definitely convince you of its high qualities and maximum of comfort: Queen size bed when deployed, two back cushions included, tufted look, matte black powder-coated steel frame with chromed steel legs, cushy “Excess” foam mattress and Icomfort pocket springs.If you take into considerations all these features you will also appreciate its price of $2,299.00.In case of unpredictable situations like accommodate a guest in your house, Cassius DeLuxe Excess Sofa Bed Lounger will definitely prove your best friend.