Case Study Stainless Double Chaise

Every once in a while we return back to the things we used to like and revive them, dust them and take them out, polish them again and display them for all the people to admire and then it is a real frenzy about it. And this fashion is usually called retro, no matter in what field you apply it. Well, this time we are talking about one of the best designers in outdoor furniture who was in turn famous, forgotten and re-discovered and valued once again. His name is Hendrik Van Keppel and one of his most famous works of art which is now manufactured for production is called Case Study Stainless Double Chaise. It was initially designed back in 1958 and revived in 1999.

This nice piece of outdoor furniture is now offered by Modernica and is highly durable and very resistant to any kind of weather, even to salt water. That is why it is preferred on the ocean shore , but also in other outdoor locations. It is large enough for two people and this can be beneficial, since it’s a lot funnier to spend time next to the one you like and talk to them. However, the material covering the double chaise is modern and updated and you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of colours and models. You can buy it now for $2,650.00.