Case Study Alpine Bed Side Table

Bed side tables are usually square or rectangular in shape and big enough to store the things you might need next to your bed like the lady’s cosmetics, reading books, agenda, telephone, alarm clock and so on. They are not the centerpiece of your bedroom but sometimes they are so nicely designed that you can’t help admiring them like you would admire a painting in a museum – as a work of art. This is the case with this Case Study Alpine Bed Side Table that drew my attention and made me want to touch it and feel its curves under my hands and have it in my bedroom.

Alpine bedside mainView in gallery

Alp bedside table mainView in gallery

Actually this bed side table is an intelligent sequel of the Case Study Alpine Bed and part of the Alpine Series designed by Jay Novak, the guy who co-founded Modernica, one of the most famous and appreciated design web sites. The bed side table keeps the main lines of the bed, having an almost fluid shape, with gentle lines and contour, with the elegance and grace of the bent plywood. The bed side table is made of twenty-two layers of laminated hardwoods , having its top and bottom veneer made of rich North American walnut. Its curved legs seem somehow unreal, but they support it just fine. The item can be bought from Modernica from $875.