A modern apartment decorated with concrete and light wood

The materials you use in a renovation or for interior décor can definitely dictate the style. For example, take a look at this beautiful place. It a modern apartment located in San Donà di Piave, Italy. It was a project by Studiomobile and it’s called Casa F/H.

Modern italy house1

The apartment was decorated in concrete, light wood and with a color palette based mainly on white. It’s a very airy space. Situated on the upper floor, the penthouse apartment also has a huge terrace that offers panoramic views of the river and the surrounding area. The renovation was a complete upgrade of the interior design.

Modern italy house

Modern italy house2

Modern italy house3

Modern italy house4

Modern italy house5

Modern italy house6

The living area is now an open space that faced the terrace and which can become an extension of the sitting room during the summer. The kitchen has a glass-enclosed cooking area.The interior design is cohesive throughout the apartment. The rooms feature similar decors and a palette of materials and colors that repeats itself in all the spaces.

Modern italy house7

Modern italy house8

Modern italy house9

Modern italy house11

Modern italy house12

Overall, this is a very open and airy space, with a modern, serene and inviting atmosphere and with a lightness that makes it stand out. It’s beautiful how the same elements were used to decorate very different spaces and how the cohesion also includes differences and distinct features for each space. what feels elegant in the living area is cozy in the bedroom and so on.