Carved Wood Magazine Holder

Some magazines are meant to be read on the spot and then thrown away in the garbage bin because they only provide information that is good for a limited period of time like TV programmes or maybe newsflash from the life of celebrities. However, some magazines are deeper than that and offer information on the long term like curiosities in the animal world, presentations of famous geographical places, history or maybe cooking recipes or home advice. These magazines are kept and cherrished for the long term, but you still need to find a good place for storing them. This Carved Wood Magazine Holder  seems like the perfect device for this.

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This magazine holder is great looking, as it looks like a piece of furniture. It is made of mango wood and has a beautiful craftsmanship in the middle of each side. It has a rich finish and a minutely detailed wood embroidery, which makes it a real work of art. It has two handles on the sides allowing you to grab it and move it where you may want to. This piece of wood is both practical and very aesthetic, being a nice accessory both for your office and your home. The item can now be bought for $39.99.