Carved Door Headboard

Beds are very important for me because if I do not have a very comfortable bed I can’t have a relaxing sleep, so I can’t rest for a new day at work, so I can’t be at my best the next morning. That is why I pay very much attention to my bed. And this is how I realized it is better to have a bed with a head board because otherwise, no matter how beautiful and comfortable the bed, you might catch a cold or something. Well, I don’t know why, furniture manufacturers do not always have this kind of bed for sale or maybe we are not always satisfied with the models, so we have to improvise and make a headboard out of the things we have in the house, for example an old door or some other item. If you want some ideas, you can check this article of ours about DIY headboards.

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Well, not all people are skilled for this kind of job (myself included), so we prefer letting the specialists do the hard job and we just look for those gifted designers and manufacturers who turn an old piece of furniture or a door into a real piece of work. For example this Carved Door Headboard is a masterpiece and it is made of a late nineteenth century French door. It is crafted by hand from solid ash with a softly weathered finish. The door is double and it is nicely attached to a normal bed, turning it into an antique or maybe a rare piece of furniture that totally changes the aspect of your home. The item is available now for $2695 – $2895 at Restoration Hardware.