Carry your beer home safely with the Growler Crate

On a hot summer day few things can be better than a nice, cold beer. It can instantly rejuvenate you and make you feel like in heaven. It could be even better. You could enjoy that wonderful beer in the cozyness of your home. But first you need to carry it there. You can do that like a pro with the Growler Crate.

Growler crate

The Growler Crate was designed to allow you to safely carry your beer home without worrying that you might drop it or that it might break. The crate is made from acacia wood and it can hold two standard-sized growlers side-by-side. An internal piece of wood divided the crate into two parts thus preventing the growlers from touching and clanging. The crate also has side handles that make it easy to carry.

You might find this crate unnecessary. Of course, everyone can carry their beer in a bag or hold it in their hand. But why do that when there’s something better? This crate prevents the growlers from breaking, clanging or from falling. They are kept safely inside and they also maintain their temperature. This way you can throw it in the car without worrying about a thing. The crate is also great to take o picnics. It only holds two growlers but it could be enough for an intimate getaway. The crate is sold empty and the growlers are not included.Available for 40$.