Carnivorous Furniture -Latest Innovation in Furniture Design

When you think of furniture you think of an inanimate object that lies on the floor and that you can use when you need it for a certain specific activity. Any way, things have changed a lot lately because apparently human imagination has no limits. So some crazy or brilliant designers, whatever you want to call them, invented the “carnivorous ” furniture. Don’t be afraid – this furniture will not chase you around the house to eat you or your kids, but will catch some insects or small animals like little mice and use the energy produced by decomposing their bodies instead of using batteries for example.

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These designers whose names are James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau actually invented the “carnivorous” robots that produce energy out of small bits of organic matter. And they found an immediate use in associating these robots with furniture. Their first work was a wall clock that used the energy from dead insects caught by a fly paper attached to it. And the mechanism used the organic matter and turned it into electrical energy needed to keep the wall clock working.

Ok, let’s say I find flies really annoying and I understand they need the energy to keep working, but what on Earth can we do with a mouse-eating coffee table? Is it moving somewhere? And is it really useful?

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