Cardboard bookshelves

This Uunique and useful bookcase was produced under Eric Guiomar’s cardboard creation program which seems to be an interesting work of art that if came into production will definitely attract many a buyer.Eric Guiomar was born in 1983 in the UK, the Giles Miller’s studied furniture design at Loughborough Univesity and formed the rebellious young design collective with three colleagues upon graduation in 2006. Featuring a circular shape, the furniture design look more like a sculpture than storage systems, enhancing the décor of your living as well as working spaces. While the cardboard finish makes the designer bookshelves affordable for the common masses.

The Cardboard bookshelves was designed special for a book lover will always acquire new collections, so their storage space needs to increase continuously.Have you a special corner for reading ? If you don’t have may you can consider the Eric Guiomar project.