Candy Futura microwave grill oven

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This microwave is multitalented and comes in different capacity from 17 litres to 28 litres. This easy to use microwave gives the facility of preparing food quickly because of the presence of automatic procedures like microwaving, grilling and thawing and it further makes cooking easy by the feature of automatic programs. For added convenience there is an info text display which displays the programs available and also how much time is remaining in the selected program. This feature helps in saving time.

One can also save time with the express start feature which gives maximum power just within 30 seconds. If you thought the features ended here then you are wrong. This easy to use microwave also has the feature of easy touch buttons and the knob is also quirt big making the use of this microwave easier. there is no need worry about your little ones to get injured by the microwave as there is another great feature that is the child lock which keep your children away from any kind of danger.