Canasta Circular Sofa from B&B Italia

The first thing you should know about this interesting sofa is that it is meant to stay outdoors. As you can see from the pictures, this sofa, as well as all the other ones in the Canasta collection from B&B Italia are made of a special material – woven patterns of Vienna straw. The sofa is round in shape , but it has a sturdy appearance and some modern features with all the woven materials and the holes in between. Canasta Circular Sofa from B&B Italia is designed by the famous designer Patricia Urquiola who managed to give it a unique design.

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Of course the designer only thought of the part you can see on the outside, the hard part. But it is not comfortable to stay on, so it is completed with a huge sofa cushion and some smaller cushions that will offer you the comfort you need when sitting relaxed next to the pool or in the garden. You can visit the producer’ s web site for more information.