Campfire Big Lamp

Campfire makes you think of friends sitting together for a chat around a … camp fire. They talk and laugh and get warm together and they have a good time sitting in a big circle around the fire. This is the inspiration behind the name of this lighting device called suggestively Campfire Big Lamp. It is indeed big, it is a lamp and it reminds you of a camp fire. It is used to show you to area covered by the light, the area of comfort where you will feel secure and warm, just like near a real camp fire.

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This lamp is big indeed and the lamp shade and the size make it look like those futuristic helicopters you could see in the movie Avatar, with huge propellers having the same round shape. But despite the size, this lamps works with a regular light bulb and you can even change it with an economic one.

Its design is simple, but it creates a stunning visual impact since it looks like a giant umbrella in the middle of the living room. The pole is strong enough to support the Big Lamp and is made of steel. It is also adjustable, so that you can change its position and length depending on your needs. The lamp can be now purchased from Smart Furniture for $949.