Campari Pendant Light

Campari is a famous soft drink or soda, depending on the country or kind. Any way, most people have heard of it and know this brand is used for drinking at least. But nobody would ever dream that Campary bottles can also be used as pendant lights. But two crazy guys – Rafaelle Celentano – the designer and Ingo Maurer – the manufacturer thought of binding ten such Campari bottles and place them around a powerful halogen light bulb, obtaining this way a nice, but unusual pendant light, the Campari Pendant Light.

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You can make this pendant light as big as you want by simply adding some more clusters of Campari bottles and using them to light the rooms. Well, actually these pendant lights are perfect for pubs and bars, as they also serve as a nice unusual commercial , too. The funny thing is that you can actually drink the liquid even after so many hours hanging from the ceiling. At least that is what they say, but I wouldn’t dare. However, you can buy one of these lights if you are interested for $465.