Calyx Modern Bed with Curved Headboard

I like unique and unexpected design because it makes us see things differently and this way we realize we can accept things that do not have the shape and design we were used to. But that does not make those things any less beautiful, quite the opposite I may say. For example this Calyx Modern Bed with Curved Headboard is a bit different from my idea of bed, but I like it nonetheless. It is a king size platform bed, so it has a wooden platform instead of four legs to support its weight.

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It is modern and sleek, with a minimalist but interesting design. The frame is made of wood and metal and that makes the bed more resistant. The special look of this bed is given by the white faux leather upholstery that is incredible and makes it look so elegant and modern. It has white foam padding and the headboard is not separate from the bed, but linked to it, being sweetly curved. This curved headboard is actually its most prominent feature. It is made in Malaysia and available for $521.00. It will certainly be the centerpiece of your modern bedroom and also quite comfortable.