Calligaris modus TV unit

Calligaris is one of the best offers coming from the Italian furniture with it great essence of taste, function, form and beauty. The basic reasons for this design being considered as a classic is because of its cleanliness, smooth elegant curves, and the use of advance technological materials. The product featured is a 3 drawer TV stand with push–pull locking system which comes without handles.


In comes in white and it has a minimalist design with simple and clean shapes and soft lines. It’s a low structures that allows you to use the rest of the space to hand some other furniture pieces like shelves or storage cabinets, or maybe some artistic paintings or sculptures.


Furthermore, the structure can be used as a storage space for more than the TV. I like the simple design of this furniture piece. It makes It easy to incorporate in almost any type of home. And it’s not too large so it’s also a nice choice for small apartments where space is always a problem. It still has all the features you need and it’s functional and space saving.


I really enjoy writing about beautiful furniture pieces like this one. It’s something else, different than most traditional designs we often see in the shops. It’s nice to explore the options and to enlarge your horizon. It makes it easier when it comes to choosing the right furniture for your own home because you already know what you like, but it’s also harder because you might not always find the items you want and you’ll be disappointed.