Calligaris Air Cantilever Leather Chair

I love modern furniture because it always surprises me. You never know what to expect and everything is possible because the modern designers are daring enough to dream about something one day and design it the next. So they invented something that is called cantilever chair. This type of chair has no back legs, but the front legs are actually glued to a steel support. This support can be used both for sustaining the body weight of the person sitting in the chair but also use its special design and use it for decorative purposes when arranging an office for example.

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This Calligaris Air Cantilever Leather Chair is beautiful and useful. It looks great and brings a touch of the future in your office. It is designed by Archirivolto and manufactured by Calligaris. The stainless steel frame of the chair is “dressed” is white leather and that gives it a special look. That makes it elegant and comfortable, modern and cool.If you want this chair in a different look you should know it is also available in  a chrome frame and black leather seat. The chair can be purchased for £220 and you can order it online from your home or office chair.