Calia Italia leather armchair

The Italian design has revolutionized the modern lifestyle and this can be found in all the Italian products with its distinct selection of highest quality leather. The Calia Italia leather armchair is made of soft Italian leather with its base made of sanitized nickel swivel, which is 160 mm high. The feet of this chair is made of polished chromed metal, which is 100 mm high. The leather armchair is available for £1,423.


It has a robust and serious look that makes it look a little intimidating. But once you try it and see how soft and comfortable it is, you will quickly become very good friends. This chair is suited for the living room, where along with the sofa, it could create a very comfortable place to sit on while watching tv or just chatting with your friends or family. It has leather covered cushions and it’s good quality leather too, which makes it look even ore elegant and sophisticated even if the shape is not very artistic.


This is probably the reason why this piece is so expensive. I would like to have a nice comfy armchair in my living room, but I’m not sure it’s worth this much money.

But if you decide this is the piece you want for you home, than you can decide to choose between the grey and the caramel finish. Or you can choose both to create a little contrast.