Caden Leather Square Ottoman

I have to admit that ottomans are not exactly my favorite things for a lot of reasons. They probably sound stupid but I’m going to tell you anyway. It seems that everything I put on them will slip right out. They remind me of the gym benches from high school and don’t really impress me with their design either.A well crafted thing though is worthy of my appreciation. Like this one over here, like I was saying earlier about the high school bench, this was too inspired from the wood and leather benches from the early 1900s. In that period of time these objects were used by the jockeys to change their riding boots and other things that fall in the same category.

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One great thing about these ottomans is versatility. It’s only up to you to choose what you do with them; perfect for seating, as footrest or like in this case the square leather ottoman is used as an oversized coffee table.

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The frame is made from solid pine wood complemented by a thick leather top that was attached with saddle stitching. This particular piece measures 42 inches square and about 18 inches high. Pretty generous I would say and not too bulky. It is very important to maintain a clean simple look in the interior. You don’t want something that stands out very easily because the other decorative or/and functional items will be left aside. If you want it, it costs over 950 Euros and let me tell you a secret: it doesn’t really fit in most of the places.