Cable Clip from Blue Lounge

All modern homes have a lot of electronic devices. And , of course, these come with many wires and cables. And this makes our lives miserable because clustered cables are the perfect homes for dust and all kinds of nerves when you trip on them. That is why some smart people invented devices like this Cable Clip from Blue Lounge. This cable clip is perfect for long cables that stay under your desk and you can’t leave them loose in your home. The clip keeps the cable folded and organized and all of it in one place. Besides, the cable clip has a very funny colour that is also very vivid and can be easily seen.

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I use this clip for my landline phone because when the guys from the phone company came to install it I was not sure where it will be placed, so I told them to leave more cable. But because I did not want the extra cable to get in my way I used this cable clip. You can use it for laptops and desks, too and you will find it really useful. The clip is available in three sizes : small, medium and large and it keeps the cable safe and secure. It is now available on Blue Lounge for $9.95.