Cabinet of Natural Curiosities from Funkiture

This morning I came across a very interesting web site called Funkiture. My guess this comes from the melting and mixing of the words funky and furniture, which quite an interesting way of playing with words. And, apart from the name, I have found something else of interest here, especially for those who are always hunting for some unusual and unique pieces of furniture or accessories for their homes. This is the Cabinet of Natural Curiosities from Funkiture. It is a very colourful and unusual cabinet inspired by Albertus Seba’s ‘Cabinet of Natural Curiosities”, also having an oversized replica of the book on top.Small4 large2

Small4 large2

This beautiful cabinet looks like a very nice and small side table , all carved and delicate, with a pile of books on top of it. But if you take a closer look you will realize it actually is a cabinet and the books are fake. The faux bois and gold leaf base are only the cover for two drawers you can use for storing different items. It looks like it comes from those stories with kings and queens and secret passages behind bookcases with faux books on shelves. If you want the item just go to Brooklyn or inquire about the piece price on the web site.