Bye Bye Shanghai a Recycling Lamp from Uroboro Design

I love the name of this project, Bye Bye Shanghai. The recycling lamp from Uroboro Design was made from recycled cardboard. The individual close to be closely packed in cardboard ring shape as one pleases.

The result is a surprising and interesting one, considering the fact that it’s made just from recycled cardboard. It has a very organic shape that allows the light to come out creating a very artistic look. Because of the earth tones of colors, the atmosphere is a very warm and welcoming one, quite romantic actually.

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The design is very modern and elegant and actually really simple. It’s simple things like this one that often make a big difference when it comes to adding details to your home. This piece is very stylish and a little unusual too, so it won’t get away unnoticed. It’s quite unique. It’s not an easy thing to come up with new ideas, especially for pieces that are so basic, like lamps and pendants.