Butterfly Vanessa Dining Table by Bartoli

Butterflies are wonderful and fragile insects which have always enchanted our sights with their beautiful dance in the air and their colorful wings.

Vanessa Table by Bartoli Design 3

Bartoli was inspired by the shape of their wings and designed Vanessa Dining Table which its legs have the same shape. They have a triangular shape and are made of stratified multilayer wood. The top of this table has a rectangular shape and is made of a strong glass.

Your dining room will become more elegant and your guests will feel wonderful watching its beautiful design.Although the legs of Vanessa Dining Table have the shape of a fragile and delicate butterfly, it is a strong and durable piece of furniture.

Vanessa Table by Bartoli Design 3

You will enjoy spending beautiful moments at this gorgeous table that will make your dining room look wonderful.It is available in different sizes or you may order the dimensions you need and fit your interior.