Butterfly Magazine Basket

Some offices like dentist’s office or any other business  that involved people staying in a waiting room will use magazines to keep the clients busy while waiting. Even when you are at home with friends or just want to spend time on the terrace you will love having a nice magazine rack. It helps keeping all the magazines in one place and looks great, contributing to the general design of the room. This beautiful Butterfly Magazine Basket is natural and nice, perfect for any home or office.

2528424The basket is totally ecological because the manufacturer uses rattan and albasia wood on an iron frame. The bottom and the sides are stronger and have a more resistant weaving of rattan, while the front and the back are more stylized and have a butterfly shape. The butterfly is colourful and beautiful, having coloured beads spread all over the design, giving the basket a youthful and merry look. The basket has two very useful handles on the sides, so you can move it easily from one place to another even if it is filled with magazines.  The basket size is perfect for storing magazines (18.75″W x 7.75″D x 11.75″H) and the price, too – $29.98.