Butterfly Lamp by Alex Earl

Women love butterflies because they are so delicate and they are free to fly wherever they want. They are tiny and beautiful, fragile, yet strong enough to fly and face storms. Women and butterflies are very much alike, so I guess that is the reason why , we, women love them so much. So I loved this Butterfly lamp instantly – the very moment I saw it. It is designed by the Australian Alex Earl and looks amazing.

AELFD Butterfly Light Shade2

I guess it would be just like any other lamp if it did not have this butterfly lamp shade. The design is based on the butterfly shape, so the shade is made of polypropylene cut in the shape of dozens of butterflies that are after that glued together on a powdercoated steel base. The lamp can be either pending from the ceiling, a table lamp or a floor lamp and you also have the possibility to choose the colour and size. But you do have to contact the designer if you want to buy one.