Butterfly Box by Hiruto Matsuhita

Paintings are great to be displayed on the walls of your home, especially if they are painted in pastel colours in order to bring a drop of colour to your house. But you can also use some other decorations to embellish the walls and even the mantelpiece or, why not, the shelf of your bookcase or displayed on your living room shelf. One such decoration is the Butterfly box designed by the Japanese designer  Hiruto Matsuhita who now lives in England.

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The above mentioned designer has a personal and very interesting approach on art because it is working on paper art, craft and illustration. So he made this beautiful butterfly box out of paper, colour , glue and crafted everything and put the pieces together, so as to obtain something like a three-dimensional picture displayed on your wall. It is very delicate and nice and you can combine more such boxes if you place them one next to the other and use different colours for the box background. The thin cut-out layering shows shapes of butterflies and flowers appearing up front or in the background, creating a magical atmosphere.