Butterfly Bath Accessories from ABCHome

The bathroom is supposed to be a simple room that we only use a few times a day , but since it is part of our homes, we can make it elegant and nice t, too, with little effort. It does not have to be a great design or very expensive accessories and a marble bathtub, but simple yet very beautiful accessories that come as a complement to a simple and modern bathroom. These Butterfly Bath Accessories from ABCHome are great and the perfect example of elegance and style. They are pretty affordable, but show great taste and beauty.

KA butterfly geThe whole set is made of beautiful white porcelain and this makes it possible for all the components to look so fragile and delicate, to add style to a normal room. The porcelain is then adorned with floral and butterfly patterns that make all the items in the set look so great. You can order the whole set or just the separate items that you need or want for prices starting from $15 to $75. The items mentioned are: soap dish, cotton jar, tumbler, toothbrush holder, lotion dispenser, tray, tissue holder and waste basket. All these can be now purchased online from ABC Home.