Buss Shoe Rack

Shoes are supposed to be worn outside and after that stored in boxes, waiting for their time to come and for you to wear them again. But when you have a few pairs of shoes that you wear regularly you need them to be within reach, to be ready to be worn and not hidden in some box or closet. That is why you keep them in the hallway. And since they were outside, they bring all the rain and dirt inside. So the best thing to do is to keep them on a shoe rack. This Buss Shoe Rack is perfect.

This shoe rack is shaped so as to hold the shoes in a normal and natural position and to take as little space as possible. It is made of veneer and comes in natural birch, stain or lacquer. It was designed by Anna von Schewen and looks great. The shape of this shoe rack follows the shape of a shoe closely and you can almost see the place for the shoe tip or heel. This is a small, but very useful piece of furniture that is made by Swedish and can be admired here.