Burning, Bold Details: Orange and Red Rooms

With summer quickly approaching, there’s no way the scorching temperatures won’t have us all seeing orange and red. These heated colors are bold, bright and when styled in a such a way, a playful piece of home fashion. Whether mixed together or standing alone as accents for any room, oranges and reds are good choices for jazzing up the neutral zones. Take a look at some of our favorite finds.

1. Vibrant Mixes.

Cozy dining room for fall

My favorite of all the ways to utilize these two colors, being free and creative. With these vivacious tones and a bit of patterned prints, you can create an eclectic, mixed room full of personality and inspiration.

Coral red and white bedroom with asian influence

The dining room gets a major face lift or the living room gets a major redo when you add these colors to the walls, the furniture and the rugs in an unsuspecting twist of designs. Some chevron, paisley and your favorite shades or red and orange can make for an amazing, burning hot space.

2. Mangoes & Tomatoes.

Narrow living orange

Maybe you’re a purist and love the feeling of smooth, bright colors without any outside fuss. If so, you’ll love the mango oranges and tomato reds. Used together they’ll create a bright, crisp and modern feel to any room. We love it in the hallways and in the foyer but if you’re really bold try a bigger space that can hold the colors well.

3. Orange pops.

Attic kitchne

Pops of orange

To use orange in fashion and home decor, you’ve really got to love it. It’s a color that can get easily forgotten but it’s also a color that can be easily hated. Because of it’s sometimes harshness, it may just be the perfect color to highlight rooms in. Maybe your fresh, modern white kitchen with pops of this color could be right up your alley. It’ll bring the heat without overriding your personal style.

4. Red scenes.

Red accents outdoor

Home design red wall

Red is a great way to set the scene and the mood. Vivacious, free-spirited, passionate, a juicy apple red will create a setting perfect for a room that need to evoke more than just a place to rest or head. For a space made for gathering, displaying or entertaining, try using a fresh shade of red as the foundation for design.

5. Add some more.

Wall frames red

If you’re really in the mood to go nuts, try using orange and reds with some other bold colors like neon yellows or some surprising turquoise. If you keep them solid tones, it’ll create a funky, retro vibe that will definitely stand out from the rest of your house and create a design-worthy splash.

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