Burling Court Residence

The first impression the Burling Court Residence in Bethesda, Maryland makes, is that of an amazing contemporary house which definitely looks like a ship. The design is  flawless and you keep that feeling until the end, after you have analyzed both the exterior and the interior.

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The traditional front facade reminds of a colonial house, which was definitely inspired by nautical shapes; in fact, it has something from the bow of a ship, but in general, it provides large, fluid spaces that give unity to a family. It has a very beautiful look, which seems to spread peace all around and this matters the most. There is an obvious admiration for modern shapes, especially those of nautical inspiration;  in general, the lines break away from the standard forms.

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This house makes you smile and think about your own dream house: it has everything you might think of, when you imagine an ideal contemporary house: style, elegance, simplicity. Being a dream place, it must be surrounded by the perfect landscape and it certainly is. The interior is modern, in a perfect harmony of tones:  green, grey, brown and beige and besides the modern furniture pieces, there are all sorts of decorative objects, which animate the atmosphere: the lamps, children’s paintings. Simplicity and good taste say enough from Shinberg Levinas.