Burlap as a Holiday Décor Staple

Few textures exude the feel of Fall more than burlap. Except maybe its more academic cousin tweed. Perhaps because of the rough texture, we instantly feel the changing of the season, the grains being stored for the coming winter, the inherent sense of coziness and earthiness combined…whether or not we’ve ever stepped foot on a farm.Because of the associations (sometimes subconscious) we have with burlap, the once humble flour-sack fabric has risen to become a sophisticated décor staple at this time of year.

Frame it.

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Framed burlap “W” from Welcome

The distressed white letter on top and frame around this burlap keeps it looking fresh and sweet, rather than heavy and barnish. Plus, inside an detailed frame like this one, the rough burlap becomes intentional and noteworthy.

Use it as a napkin holder.

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Burlap rings that will look great with any decor

Particularly during Fall, when families and friends gather and where soups and breads and candlelight exude warmth, burlap adds to the cozy atmosphere. Yarn in fresh colors and some twigs add a fun twist.

How about a table runner?

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An affordable touch of texture

Whether at a finely set feast or a casual breakfast, burlap on a white tablecloth fits in and, somehow, makes equal sense in either scenario. The runner’s edge tied in natural twine at the end of the table is a festive touch.

Door wreath.

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Welcome the fall with a burlap wreath

For a unique twist – literally! – on stodgy burlap, consider creating a door wreath. The use of a few bright embellishments in fall colors complement the natural fabric and add color to the burlap texture.


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Decorate the cabinet doors

Make a simple custom burlap banner. The adornments on this one are few – an initial and some corner leaf stencils – which makes the burlap stand out even more. This showcases the texture beautifully and adds interest to an open cabinet or hutch.

Fall banner.

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Easy fall banner

A burlap banner hung indoors or out is perfect for the changing of the seasons. The burlap itself is decorative, but stenciled in a fall motif or color adds a charming element.As you can see, rustic burlap is very versatile and festive. You and your guests will certainly enjoy it as a key part of your fall décor this year.

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