Bunny & Carrot Paper Towel Holder

I am very grateful to live in these times, when everything is handy and when you can make the maximum of things with a minimum of effort. For example now we have paper towels and we can use them not only in the public areas, but also at home. The perfect place for using these towels is not the bathroom, but the kitchen. That is because when you are in the kitchen doing something like cooking or washing the dishes or even cleaning up the place you get dirty in no time and you wash your hands every four minutes. So these paper towels are very useful because if you used those old-fashioned kitchen towels you would make them soaked in no time. So the best thing to do is find a handy place for the paper towels or, even better, purchase a funny paper towel holder like this one.

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This Bunny & Carrot Paper Towel Holder is funny and nice, with a design that is appropriate for the kitchen and also attractive for the kids, so the moms will not have to ask them twice to wipe their hands. It is made of thermoplastic resin and gets attached to the table or counter top so it will not roll over when you use it. It is available in three colors: light blue, green and white and is manufactured by Alessi. You can purchase it now for $60.