Bunk Beds: Ideas & Inspiration

Bunk beds can be much more than just a couple of twin beds stacked on top of one another. Decorate them to make them come to life or find something outrageous for the kiddos to sleep in. Whether it’s siblings sharing a room or one of your kids wants a set of bunk beds for their weekend sleepovers with friends, bunk beds can be a lot more stylish than you may think. Take a look at some of these incredible furniture pieces and decorating tips to give yourself a bit of inspiration before you decide which bunks are right for your home!

1. A part of the room.

Bunk white beds

Bunk beds can actually built to be a part of the room. Little stairs to make it easy to get to the top bunk and a super modern, chic look for a  super stylish room. Bright colors offset the fun architecture keeping it sophisticated yet playful for the children.

2. Personal cubbies.

Bunk white beds

If you want something really cozy for the kids, create their own personalized cubbies. Fill them up with soft colors to keep relaxed and a lot of fluffy pillows and blankets. You can even decorate inside the “walls,” include their names or pretty decals to dress it up.

3. Adult beds.

Bunk white beds

Bunk beds aren’t just for kids. You can also have those personalized cubbies for yourself! Have a cozy reading and relaxation spot for yourself, dressed up in a incredibly elegant and sophisticated way. Golds and creamy whites will give keep the bunk beds youthful without becoming too juvenile.

4. Classic bunks.

Bunk white beds

Staying classic is always a great option. Allow the kids to pick out the colors and the bed linens. You can bring out their own personality and the room’s theme by adorning the classic set with the extra decor.

5. White beds.

Bunk white beds

Make the bunk beds pop by keeping them white and them making them pop with wallpaper. If you want to keep things simple with the actual bed’s build, then create style and focus by adding fun wallpaper to the wall behind the bed!