Built to Resist from Quinze & Milan and Eastpak

From a collaboration between Quinze & Milan and the manufacturer Eastpak, results an interesting furniture series called “Built to Resist” which combines quinze & milan shapes with authentic eastpak product characteristics, including bags, zippers, handles, colorful strong fabrics and popular prints. Produced in limited numbered series, the collection will be presented during the Milan Design Week 2010.

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This furniture collection has a very distinctive look. It combines the functionality of simple future pieces and the fun elements of the sport elements. It actually has a very sporty look, with all the zippers and handles. It’s a sofa that you can take with you in your trips. This is the result when you create a sofa made from materials used for this type of items.

I really like this collection. It’s the type of modern design that would look great in a contemporary and playful home. It has bright and vibrant colors and a very intriguing and distinctive design. It’s a very different from all the other designs seen by now. It’s a very original collaboration and the results are as original as they could be. Actually all the additional bags, zippers and pockets are very useful because you can use them to store or hide or sorts of things in there, not that it’s indicated to do that. But they provide you with a great space to store the remote control for example, with the condition that you don’t forget where you’re put it.{found on db.}