Budget renovation of a 516-square-foot flat in Bratislava

I’ve always asked myself why people prefer large spaces to live in. They are difficult to heat, to clean, to maintain and, let’s be honest, if we would know how to exploit all the space from our homes, we would notice the fact  that we don’t  need so much of it. Oh, and not to forget  all the costs for the necessary furniture and decorative objects  to fill the abode.Found on Dweell, Lukáš  Kordík is a famous architect in Bratislava, proved us that we can live in a small apartment, without giving up style and comfort.

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He renovated his home with a tight budget, but the result was incredible. By removing a few walls, he revealed the beautiful, exposed  bricks and the high ceilings  with undulating vaults, specific for the 1930’s. Given that the owner is an architect, I wasn’t expecting less from him, but I was surprised to see the combination of materials and furniture, and of course the remarkable result.

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He prefers  bright colors, the only dark peace of furniture being the wall of black shelving  which separates  the bathroom from the rest of the house. Of course, we can notice the simplicity and a man’s noncomformism , by putting in the same place dishes and books, and combining wood furniture with  stainless steel appliances, bricks and concrete.  Once again, it’s been demonstrated that using all kind of building materials we can obtain a great result if they are  combined tastefully.