15 Tips and Tricks to Create a Gallery Wall on a Budget

Interior decorators at heart with limited means are a sad but frequent find. We love to spend our free time shopping online furniture stores and going thrifting and daydreaming about the wonderful things we could do in our home if we just had a little more cash. Because how are you supposed to create a stunning gallery wall when all the printing and framing services are so expensive? I’m glad you asked. There a many ways to DIY your own wall art on a budget that will look store bought without the price tag. Here are 15 tips and tricks to create your own unique gallery wall on your limited budget.

Marbled paper gallery wall

You don’t have to have an artistic bone in your body to do this project. With oil paints, water and paper, you can squirt and stir your way to one of a kind wall art. Whether you make your marbled art the focal point in your gallery wall or merely an addition on the side, it will be sure to draw some attention. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Twig antlers gallery wall

Using nature in favor of a store bought trend is always a win for the wallet. Forgo buying those antlers and make your own from craft store plaques and sticks from your backyard. If you must have the gilded look, spray paint the sticks before attaching them to the plaque. (via Earnest Home Co.)

Origami art gallery wall

Got paper? You can do this. Follow the instructions to create a 3D geometric wall sculpture that will be the perfect piece to fill that little space you’ve been pondering. (via Ludorn)

Doily dreamcatcher gallery wall

Everybody keeps doilies, just in case they come across the perfect project that requires them. This is it. Pull out your lacy white circles and attach them inside an embroidery hoop. Add feathers and you have the prettiest most boho looking dreamcatcher in the world. (via Atilio)

Hanging planter gallery wall

Clay is a great and affordable crafting medium. Make this crescent moon planter to put your favorite houseplant on display aside your favorite prints and pictures. (via DIYs)

Tassel hanging gallery wall

Macrame not quite your thing? That’s okay. Tassels are another yarn project to hang on your wall that are actually easier to craft. Plus, they’re super simple to dip dye which opens up your options considerably. (via DIYs)

Vintage map gallery wall

Use your thrifting skills and start collecting antique maps. Once you have several to choose from, paste them onto plaques for a gallery wall that will encourage your wanderlust. Pro tip: find some vintage maps online and print them for free! (via A Joyful Riot)

Wire letter gallery wall

Wire is cheap. In fact, you can probably find a roll for free from a friend. Use it to twist and shape and make into letters or characters to hang on your wall. I’d love to see me and my husband’s initials floating above my gallery wall in copper wire. (via Historias De Casa)

Driftwood hanging gallery wall

Do you live by the beach? Or maybe you’re planning on vacationing by the sea soon. While you’re watching the waves, collect some driftwood that you can string together to create this pretty rustic looking mobile. You probably didn’t know that you can include driftwood in your French chic decorated home huh? (via Atilio)

Embroidery hoop gallery wall

While most people think of embroidery as a complicated art, it doesn’t have to be! Trace out a word or phrase on a piece of fabric and stitch along the line with your favorite colored embroidery thread. You can easily make one for each season and holiday! (via A Charming Project)

Agate hanging gallery wall

Agate projects have been on trend for a while now but all those glorious colors make it easy to see why. Buy a set of small ones for cheap, drill a hole in each and tie them together for the loveliest mobile you’ve ever seen. (via Adorablest)

Botanical art gallery wall

Don’t let your empty frames go to waste! Use pressed leaves and flowers from your own yard to make a work of art for your gallery wall. They’ll look vintage hanging beside your family portrait. (via Passion Shake)

Felt pennants gallery wall

Stop, it’s banner time. Pennants like these are easily crafted from felt in any colors and designs you want. You can simplify things with a swiss cross or a heart or use your artsy skills to cut out a bear. Either way, it will make a nice visual break from your frames on your gallery wall. (via The Sweetest Digs)

Moon phases gallery wall

Anyone else looking to include as many moon phase decorations in their home as possible? Make this simple one from clay and you’ll have a uniquely shaped piece to hang among your wall art. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Printable art gallery wall

If you have a printer, you have no excuse for complaining about expensive art. The internet holds tons of wonderful printables and vintage pictures and free images that you can print out right now! So go down the rabbit hole and find the perfect art for your perfect gallery wall. (via The Crafted Life)