How To Add A Retro Touch To A Space With A Simple Sideboard

After demonstrating how versatile and functional sideboards can be in a home, we’ll now focus on interior designs that include this stylish piece of furniture and use it to gain a very chic and retro character. The sideboard is not always the focal point of the décor but each time it infuses the room with beauty and charm.

Blue sideboard storage system

The different shades of blue used here prove how easy it is to make a space stand out without employing the most glamorous furniture pieces or extraordinary pieces of artwork. Because the sideboard features the darkest color, it’s the element that stands out the most, serving as a focal point for this hallway.

Vintage bathroom sideboard

An antique sideboard can turn out to be just what a bathroom needs if you want it to look sophisticated in a retro fashion. This used to be a buffet which was later converted into a vanity for the bathroom. The idea is not only ingenious but also very inspiring.

Country dining room with a beautiful sideboard

Of course, sideboards are often most practical in dining rooms. So check out this beach-style dining room. It features a lovely sideboard big enough to hold dinnerware and lots of other things and the rest of its décor is fresh, neutral and cheerful in a subtle way.

Dining room mirrored sideboard and wall art above

The mirrored door fronts of the sideboard featured here add a touch of glamor to the dining room. Considering the choice of colors for this space, the sideboard is an element that both stands out and blends in.

Green dining room chairs and sidebboard with glass doors

Custom-designed sideboards have an advantage over store-bought models because of how well they fit in a space and how nicely they complement the whole room. So for, example, if you need a lot of storage in your eclectic dining room, consider a large sideboard with opaque glass front panels.

Green vase for accent decor

In addition to offering ample storage for dinnerware, glasses, bottles and other things, a sideboard also allows you to display decorations on top of it. Position it in such a way that it can be accessible and in an area that can be admired from the whole room.

White dining room furniture with a mid century sideboard

When the sideboard is not intended to serve as a focal point for the dining room, you can choose to match it to the wall behind it or to opt for a very simple model and a neutral color. A while sideboard in a bright and airy space is a good idea.

Ghost chairs for dining table

On the other hand, if the sideboard is the only furniture piece you want to highlight in the room, then a design with an interesting form or an intricate pattern can turn out to be ideal. Check out this geometric design which is simple enough to not overwhelm the space yet interesting enough to stand out.

Perfect armchair for dining area

Sideboards may be popular in dining rooms of all types and styles but that’s not the only option. In fact, any room that needs some storage in a more subtle form than wall units or bookcases can offer could use such a piece.

Modern wood sideboard design

Another very good idea is to use sideboards on open floor plans. They can be placed at the intersections of two or more zones, offering storage for all of them and creating a smooth and seamless transition between those functions.