Bubble Lamps from Foscarini

I saw many lamp design all the time, but the Bubble Lamp from Foscarini is awesome.The Bubble design is perfect for large spaces for example in a Mall or something like this. It is a lot bigger than the ordinary lamps that you keep inside the house and it is designed to be placed on the floor.

Bubble Lamps from Foscarini2

As the name suggests it, the Bubble lamp looks like a bubble, well an oversized one. It has many metallic arms on the inside that converge in the centre of the bubble and support each a disc. This disc is actually the one being lit and casting light.

Bubble Lamps from Foscarini1
Bubble Lamps from Foscarini
Bubble Lamps from Foscarini3

It is beautiful and nice, being the perfect light source for big spaces that are meant to be discretely lit like bars, clubs or some other similar places. It is not a good light to work at, but it is perfect for a romantic date or for a relaxing encounter with your friends on a Saturday night.