Brush Vase

If you paint at least once in a while for fun or just for helping your kids with his Art project then you know you keep all the brushes in one place, usually a glass that is specially reserved for the brushes. This way you know where to look for them next time you want to paint. But the designer Harry Allen had an even better idea: you don’t you keep the paint brushes in a glass that tells you what you should store in? That is because this special glass is made of many models of paint brushes glued together. He used Resin and Marble to make this project and obtain a great result in my opinion.

HarvbwBut because painting is not so ordinary the designer thought it would be a good idea to give this item another use, too, so he inserted a normal glass inside. That is for the case when you want to use the paint brush holder as a Brush Vase, so the glass will keep the water inside. It is an unusual flower vase, but it is at least interesting. It is not very big, but just the right size for holding normal flower bunches. You can purchase the vase now from Areaware for $75.