Browns’ Urban Playhouse

It is a great to see how hard working people try to improve their life style and invest so much money and work in their houses. A few years ago I got my first job somewhere in the country side, far away from my city. I was supposed to live in a family’s house from that village. I was so surprised to see how their house looked like. It had nothing in common with a usual country side house. Everything was modern, reconditioned and looked really nice. Their house could compete with any apartment in the city and even more.

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It seems that the Browns, a couple with two kids wanted to expose their children to a more agitated life and bought an office building in Chinatown with $ 2.2 million in 2006.They tried to transform the upper floors into a modern loft while on the ground floor they opened a coffee shop.

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Their architect, Robert Gurney helped them to get the urban playhouse they wanted for their family. The rooms are spacious, there are many interior stairs with long corridors so that everything has an industrial look. Most of the floors are bright blue contrasted by colored pieces of furniture like red or green chairs or white sofas. The basketball court, the rooftop indoor- outdoor space or the white master suite is some special areas where you can relax and rest for a few moments.

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Everything is modern, even the fireplace and one of the challenge for the architect was to get more light for the house. He used the floor to ceiling windows and the white color for the brick walls so that the amount of light was increased.