Brook’s Craft Room Interior With Turquoise Accents

If you want to be practical and take advantage of your space you may think of some repurposing some of your rooms. You may transform your dining area into a working place too or you may use your bedroom as a lecture area or a media room. The idea is to be creative and make use of everything your house can offer you so that you can feel comfortable and do everything you want.

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Brook loves crafting and made her open dining area look like a real craft room. It is a spacious room with vintage pieces of furniture, lots of tables, chairs and cabinets, most of them painted white. The white walls of the room are contrasted by the light brown wood parquet and the numerous black or turquoise colored framed pictures and paintings on the walls. There is also a corner which looks more like an office area. The white vintage desk is accompanied by a black chair and some other black items making a great contrast. The computer on the desk is only item that reminds you that you live in a modern era and completes the contrasting design of this corner.

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Still, there is a focal point of the room which will definitely be remarked by everybody. It is a square turquoise craft table which is situated in the middle of the room. The vintage design is preserved and the fact that has many storage spaces makes of it a practical item for this type of room. In a room you always need storage spaces and for this type of space the necessity is bigger and thus the square turquoise table becomes an indispensable item for Brook’s craft room.