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Brizo Faucets a Delight for the Senses and Your Kitchen and Bathroom Decor

Changing the faucet isn’t exactly something that people look forward to, especially if the reason why you’re changing it is that the old one broke. But when you are willing to invest in a quality kitchen or bathroom faucet, there are brand that will surprise with very interesting design and features. One such example is Brizo, a brand that we really want to talk to you about because their products are constructed with quality and durable materials, and they’ve clearly invested a lot in design as well.

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What to Look for in a Brizo Faucet

Before you go out and buy just any random faucet, you need to know a little bit about what Brizo has to offer and what are the features of their products that you mostly need to pay attention to.


The size of the faucet that you want to buy is the first thing that you have to pay attention to. The specifications that you want to look for are the height of the sprout and the reach amount. These features are particularly important for kitchen spouts because you will need plenty of space when you wash dishes. Thankfully, the Brizo line has developed very distinct faucets for kitchen compared to those that are clearly meant for bathroom use.

Flow Rate

The flow rate is another important factor to look into. It is not uncommon to find kitchen faucets with a higher flow rate compared to ones that are designed for bathroom sinks, since you might need the kitchen sink to quickly fill a pot with water, for example. However, some of the faucets with the highest flow rate are those designed for bathtubs because you want to fill a large container with water as fast as possible, which makes it only normal for the faucet to be able to do that.


The durability of the product also plays a huge part in the buying process and it is a feature that plenty of people are interested in because nobody wants to replace their faucets every year because their current ones broke. The thing with Brizo faucets is that they may cost more, but the design and quality of materials used can justify the end price. They mostly use stainless steel in the manufacturing process of their products, which makes them very reliable from a durability point of view.

Intended Use

The way in which you operate a faucet can also determine what type of model is best suited for you. For instance, single-handle faucets are better for kitchen use while bathroom ones will most likely have two faucets. The brand is also known for implementing newer technology into its products, like faucets that can be operated with a single touch of the finger. Some models integrate infrared technology so that they can be used even without having to touch them. Having your hand in the proximity of the faucet or in a specific area should be enough to get the water flowing.


The warranty coverage is pretty important when it comes to just about every product that you buy. With Brizo, you have some of the best warranties in the industry. That’s because they offer residential lifetime warranty because they stand by the quality of their products.

Two Handle Roman Tub Faucet 1

Brizo-Specific Features

We wanted to talk about some of the concepts that you are going to come across when you look into certain Brizo faucets. Explaining these concepts will help you get a better grasp of what these products have to offer.

  • MagneDock Technology refers to the faucet’s ability to prevent drooping and makes sure that the faucet stays in place. Products that don’t have this technology will cause you to experience spray heads that aren’t docket to the spout.
  • 360° Swivel Spout means that the Brizo faucet you’re looking at can swivel at a 360 degrees angle, helping you rotate the faucet and getting out of the way for when you need more sink space.
  • Brizo SmartTouch is a concept that describes the faucet’s ability to work with simples touches. Specifically, the faucet is smart enough to identify taps and gesture so it knows when to turn the faucet on and off, for example.
  • Diamond Seal Technology means that Brizo uses diamond-embedded and ceramic discs to prevent the control valves from wearing out and causing leaks, which is a common problem with low and average-quality faucets. This adds more durability to their products.
  • Dual Join Articulating Arm is another one of Brizo’s technologies which is used to give you greater control over the spray head because it comes with two pivot points.

Brizo Kitchen Faucets

Brizo’s faucet can be divided into two main categories: those designed for kitchen use and those that are meant to be placed in the bathroom. Those of you that want a cool and practical new faucet in the kitchen should check out the following list of products for inspiration on what to buy next, but also to catch a glimpse of what the brand has to offer.

1. Brizo 63063LF-BLGL Litze Pull-Down Faucet with Angled Spout and Knurled Handle In Matte Black

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The first item in today’s line-up is a very fancy-looking faucet with a beautiful black finish and a resistant construction to top it off. It comes with a pull down/pull up faucet that’s very easy to operate. It is made from stainless steel and comes with a faucet valve that’s made from a ceramic disc. The spout can swivel at a 360 degrees angle, making it super easy to wash your dishes without the kitchen faucet getting in the way the entire time. This deck-mounted faucet comes with pullout spray, but doesn’t include features such as filtering or pre-rinse. Overall, this is a modern faucet that would fit perfectly in contemporary furnished kitchens.

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2. Brizo 63243LF-BLGL Litze Articulating Faucet with Knurled Handle In Matte

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Next up, we have another amazing kitchen faucet made by Brizo. It comes in a black finish and features some luxe gold elements, creating a very stylish faucet considering that it’s mostly used for washing dirty dishes. It is clearly a product designed for stylish homes, but the features extend beyond the beauty of the product. It comes with a pull down/pull up type of faucet and it is made with stainless steel and polished nickel. The spout can swivel at a 360 degrees angle so you can get it out of the way instead of hitting it the entire time you’re using the sink. It operates at a flow of 1.8 GPM but lacks some features that would have been interesting, like water filtering or pullout spray.

3. Brizo 62525LF High-Arc Bridge Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray from the Artesso Co

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This Brizo faucet is a little more different in terms of design compared to the others, but the baseline quality is still here. It is still made with stainless steel, which means the quality is never compromised, as you would expect from a premium brand like Brizo. It comes with a three-hole faucet and two handles located on the sides of the spout. It operates at a water flow of 1.8 GPM. The spout swivels at 360 degrees, which makes it pretty convenient for you to use the kitchen sink for whatever you need. It does have a side spray, which isn’t something we can say about plenty of other Brizo kitchen faucets.

4. Brizo 62536LF-RB Tresa Kitchen Faucet Double Handle with Metal Lever Handles and Side Spray

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This is a Brizo faucet that comes with a very beautiful design that you can expect to see in both modern and traditional kitchen. Some of the features include ceramic disc valving and a solid brass construction that stands as proof that Brizo is one of the best manufacturers when it comes to premium faucet products. There are handles located on each side of the spout and they have ¼ turns for each operation. There is also a side sprayer included.

5. Brizo 63055LF-SS Vuelo Pullout Spray Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

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With a very unique and beautiful design, the Vuelo kitchen faucet stands tall and proud at a bit over 16 inches. It has a single handle that’s located on the side of the spout. It comes with a pull-down wand that can function in one of two modes: spray or aerated. It has a magnetic docking system that’s both ingenious and very practical to use but it might take some time getting used to it because it’s rather unconventional. It is made from stainless steel and has a gorgeous matte finish.

6. Brizo 63005LF-RB Kitchen Faucet with Pullout Spray

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Our last Brizo kitchen faucet for the day is this beauty right here. It is made from solid brass and has a distressed look that makes it look particularly vintage. It is the kind of faucet that you could see in a cabin kitchen, but it can also blend in with modern kitchen furniture. It comes with a spout that swivels at 120 degrees. The handle is located on the top of the spout which makes it very accessible at all times. The faucet head can be pulled out and is insulated.

Brizo Bathroom Faucets

If you want a new faucet for the bathroom, Brizo has you covered as well. That being said, let’s look into some of their most popular bathroom products and see if there’s anything here that you could picture in your own bathroom.

1. Brizo 65375LF-BL Odin Widespread Bathroom Faucet

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The first bathroom faucet we wanted to look at is a minimalist yet very elegant product. The black matte finish makes the fine lines and curves look perfect, and everything about this inspires luxury because of the sleek design. The Odin is a faucet made from solid brass that’s just as durable as it is elegant. It is compatible with decks of maximum 2 inches in thickness and they work with standard US plumbing supply bibs. There are two separate handles to work with and the double ¼ operation is definitely really smooth.

2. Brizo Double Handle Wall Mount with Metal Lever Handles

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This particular Brizo bathroom faucet is a wall-mounted product with a very beautiful design. It comes with an 8.5-inch solid metal sprout and a beautiful finish that reflects lights and the surrounding environment. It comes with two handles which are separate from the sprout. That means that you will need a total of three holes drilled in the wall to mount the entire thing. It operates at a water flow of 1.5 GPM and it needs 1.5-inch holes for mounting.

3. Brizo T70175-BL Jason Wu Single-Handle Freestanding Tub Filler

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This is a Brizo product designed for you shower, as it is a freestanding faucet that works perfectly with both bathtubs and shower cabins. The black finish is a signature Brizo feature by now and it looks as elegant as it always does. It comes with a brass faucet and comes with a single pull down/pull up handle. The hand shower is included and it has a very slim and cool-looking design. The hand diverter also comes with the fixture, leading to an overall height of approximately 35 inches.

4. Two Handle Roman Tub Faucet

Two Handle Roman Tub Faucet 1

With a rather unique design, the Brizo Vesi faucet is a bathroom product designed for modern spaces. The unusual design of the spout makes this an excellent piece for elegant and unconventional bathrooms and it works better with bathtubs. It operated with a water flow of 18.5 GPM, which is a lot compared to your conventional faucets. The distresses bronze finish is gorgeous. There are two handles located on each side of the spout.

Bottom Line

Brizo is one of the most respectable brands that you can turn to if you’re looking for a new faucet for your kitchen or your bathroom. It is a subsidiary of Masco Corporation, a name that’s also responsible for some other brands that you might have heard of, such as Peerless or Delta. With a great combination of style and durability, the Brizo faucets are an emblem of quality and some of the best products of their kind. They comes with a very generous warranty, stainless steel construction that could last for decades, and all sorts of personalized technologies that the brand implemented to turn a trivial faucet into something that you can operate even by using simple hand gestures.