Brixton Abbey Angel Wall Sculpture

I think a garden is just empty without some decorations for example a nice water fountain or a statue, a gazebo or some rock gatherings. You can find a million ways in which to decorate a garden, but I have a soft spot for statues. I like mostly Victorian style statues because they are so delicate and nice, most of them made of marble, which only enhances their beauty. Of course nowadays most of the statues are made of stone or even cement because marble is pretty expensive and they are most replicas of famous sculptures, but they are still beautiful. This nice wall sculpture of an angel is the perfect example.

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Of course this is a replica, but the original sculpture was rescued from a crumbling abbey. SO once brought back to life it surely deserves all the attention it can get. The wall sculpture portrays a winged angel holding a shell in the arms, having a nice and graceful face and delicate features. You can fill the shell with small flowers or moss and fix the statue to the wall where it can be better admired. The statue is made of a durable resin, so you can place it outdoors without a problem, as it will support all weather changes remarkably well. You can now purchase it for $49.95.