Bringing Light Into Your Cozy Reading Nook

If you are like most homeowners you love curling up with your favorite book or tablet in the corner to dive into your best novels or magazines. Whether your reading nook is an alcove in the side of your bedroom, or it is a dedicated reading room in your den your reading area should feel comfortable and serene. Lighting your reading nook is important not only for your eyes, but to ensure the ambiance is comforting and welcoming. If you have been longing for a cozy reading nook but didn’t know how to make it more inviting, look to the lighting for your answer.

reading nook light lamp
Illuminate your reading nook with natural lighting

Try simple reading lamps around your reading nook:  

For many of the thought of what type of chair comes to mind, but we forget that lighting is almost as important for a cozy reading nook. Assess your reading area and see how much light you will need. Determine if you read at night more often than the daytime. A simple reading lamp that is wall or floor mounted could be the perfect solution for a dark corner or area of the room.  Wall lamps are good if you don’t want to use a side table or the floor to use up space housing your lamp.

reading nook overhead light
What type of mood do you want to create?

Don’t underestimate windows:

Natural lighting is one of the best lighting sources known to man. If you have an option of where to locate your reading nook. Opt for a place with a natural source such as a window, skylight, or even reflects light from an adjacent room. To ensure light isn’t to bright, consider adding sheers or window treatments to avoid excessive glare, as your eyes will fatigue while reading.  If you are designing a reading nook think of using a combination of natural light and artificial lighting to ensure your space will be welcoming any time of the night or day.

reading nook window light
Windows can provide natural lighting
reading nook built in lighting
Choose custom lighting for your reading nook

Customize your reading nook: 

Your reading space should reflect your personal style for reading and enjoying time to yourself. Try and personalize with custom lighting. A built in overhead light, a hanging pendant lamp or even recessed lighting can help illuminate your nook beautifully. Enjoy your reading nook with lighting options that suit your home too! A small nook located in your dimmed bedroom may need more lighting than a nook located in a sunny sitting room! Take cues from lighting fixtures in adjacent rooms, and mimic them in your cozy reading nook.

reading nook windows
Natural lighting and an overhead pendant lamp

Lighting your reading area with welcoming and comforting light can make this spot a favorite of the house. If this reading nook will be used for the entire family, consider adding a simple light switch for convenience of younger or older family members.  Whichever, lighting choice you choose, ensure the fixture illuminates your reading nook beautifully and doesn’t create any shadows that would hinder your reading enjoyment. Use these helpful tips to create the reading nook of your dreams.

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