Bringing Life To Your Small Bedroom While Saving Valuable Space

If you think your small bedroom is lacking character and style because you are trying to save valuable safe, think again your organizational needs. Your bedroom has hidden areas that could double as beautiful display areas in bookshelves, built-ins and open shelving. From your under bed storage with clothes drawer storage to platform beds that can house books, shoes and more, save space in your small bedroom without sacrificing beautiful style. Small bedrooms can be cozy and full of space saving areas; here are some helpful tips for even the tiniest of bedrooms.

bedroom small organization shoes
Choose a bed that fits your room perfectly and holds storage

Consider changing your bed:

If you are like many homeowners your bed could be the bed you had in college, or better yet was a transplant from your larger home. Now that you are in a smaller home you may need to consider getting a new one. Often times the culprit of valuable space being eaten up in your bedroom is an oversized bed. If you don’t have the option of buying a new bed consider using under your bed for valuable storage. Bed lifts inserted under the bed legs can raise your bed, enabling boxes, drawers and extra shoes to be stored. If you are handy with tools, why not build a do it yourself custom storage on wheels? Storage bins placed on palettes with wheels or casters will work beautifully to save valuable space.

shared bedroom organization built ins
Utilize built-ins and under-bed storage solutions

Display and storage areas around your bedroom:

The challenge of many small bedrooms is the ability to store and display decorative items at the same time. This is where multi-functional shelving, built in cabinetry, and storage night tables on either side of the bed will prove beneficial. Measure your bedroom before you bring any new furniture in or before you build storage to ensure you will have enough space after storage is installed. There is nothing worse than having less space than planned for. Look to your vertical space in closets, and over doorways if you have a lot of books or office supplies that can be stored out of sight and away from your decorative accessories.

bedroom organization built ins
Display collectibles and decor beautifully
bedroom organization built ins ideas
Let in natural light whenever possible and utilize creative storage

Natural light sources:

You may not think of it, but letting in natural light to your small bedroom will instantly add space visually to your cozy room. A window or skylight, especially in an attic bedroom will create the illusion of space an in turn will open up what once could have been a dark room.  If you have enough space near your window to build a window seat with hidden storage in the seated bench or drawers below this would be an ideal way to create more valuable storage space.

bedroom small natural light
Visually open up your bedroom

Your bedroom can store more than you think, if you take advantage of space that is hidden. First, ensure your bed isn’t overpowering your bedroom. Choose one that is only as big as you need, then replace with a bed that offers under bed storage. Utilize display storage areas and built in shelving to create a bedroom that you will feel cozy in every day!

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