Bring The Virtual World Closer To Your Home With Pixelated Furniture And Accessories

No matter what field you work in, you have to keep up with the times and changes. Designers always manage to impress us with the way they reinvent things. New trends appear every day. For example, pixelated furniture and accessories seem to be quite popular these days. It’s easy to see why once you take a look at these products.

Pixel colorful rug1

Pixel colorful rug

This is a collection of hand-made rugs designed by a graphic artist. He based this project on the decomposition of color through pixels. The two rugs we’re talking about were made of hand-knotted wool. One features a combination of vibrant colors and the other one is based on more subtle tones.

Colorful digit rug

The Do-Lo-Rez collection was created by Ron Arad and it’s a very interesting combination of two pieces: a rug and a sofa conceived as one element. The piece is made of multiple squares and each one is a different height than the ones beside it.



Welcome color into your home by changing the style of your walls. Try creating an accent wall using colored tiles. Combine them in numerous different ways. One idea is to create pixelated images like the ones you see here.Found on behance.

Pixel furnitures cristian zuzunaga

Pixel furnitures cristian zuzunaga1

Pixel furnitures cristian zuzunaga2

The Pixel Sofa is a piece designed by Cristian Zuzunaga and it was just the starting point for a whole series of furniture based on the same concept. The series includes chairs, armchairs and sofas and the patterns appear to be random but they’re actually the result of a carefully-thought process.

Nucleo histogram lego 1

How fun and cool would it be to build your furniture out of LEGO bricks? You can find out with the Histogram table. Created by Nucleo, the table is a DIY piece which you get to assemble yourself. Also, you can buy the official Nucleo certification if you want a gold-plated KEGO brick to complete your table.

Canevas collection

Let’s continue with a very interesting and visually-appealing collection. This is the Canevas Colelction and it includes a series of rugs and poufs with pixelated designs and patterns. It was created by Belgium-based designer Charlotte Lancelot.

Space Invader Chair

The space invader chair would look perfect in a games room. It has a design based on the original space invaders game and it brings back some wonderful memories. The retro gaming chair is part of the Space Invader Collection and it’s made of compact foam. It comes in a variety of bold colors.

Pixelated furniture1

Pixelated furniture

Designer Bomi Park is the one responsible for this unique collection. She created a series of unique pieces, from tables to lamps and chandeliers. They’re all built with multiple layers of metal wire mesh thus creating this optical illusion . The designer experiments with industrial materials and manages to combine art and furniture into a unique creation.

SpaceInvader Couch

If you loved the space invaders chair then you’ll also want to have the space invaders couch. This couch concept was created by Igor Chak and it features a fun and retro chic design, perfect for the game room.

Pixel Table Studio Intussen 4

The Pixel table, as its name suggests, has a very interesting design. It’s shaped like a cube and it doubles as a cupboard was designed by Studio Intussen. The table is made of sticks so when you place something in it, the sticks come out on the other side. It can be easily reshaped.

Pixilated Verner Panton chair

The Panton Chair is a classic and it has lots of different variations. This one is the pixelated version of the Panton Chair by United Nude. The design is based on the original one with a few twists.

While the first thing that comes to mind when seeing these pieces of furniture and accessories or concepts is that they can only fit in the game room, they’re actually very versatile and provide you with a variety of possibilities.